The Age of the Poets

The Age of the Poets

Автор: Badiou Alain


In this collection of essays, Alain Badiou revisits the age-old problem of the relation between literature and philosophy, arguing against both Plato and Heidegger’s famous arguments. Philosophy neither has to ban the poets from the republic nor abdicate its own powers to the sole benefit of poetry or art. Instead, it must declare the end of what Badiou names the «age of the poets», from Holderlin to Celan. Drawing on ideas from his first publication on the subject, «The Autonomy of the Aesthetic Process», Badiou also offers an illuminating set of readings of contemporary French prose writers, giving us fascinating insights into the theory of the novel while also accounting for the specific position of literature between science and ideology.

Издатель: VERSO

Год: 2014

Серия: -


Страниц: 176

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The Age of the Poets

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